New Songs on YouTube!

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016

I have posted three new songs on YouTube recently.

“It’s A Sin” was inspired by Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird”.  She passed away the other day, and I was inspired to share the song.  Here is the link:

JJ Cale passed in 2014.  He was one of my favorite musicians.  I wrote “The Fine Print” after listening to an interview with JJ.  Here is that link:

As a boy, my Daddy and Uncle would take my cousin and me out in the woods in Clarke County, Alabama, to The Day Place.  It’s a pretty magical place—lots of little caves, sinkholes, creeks, snakes, moss, lichens, briarpatch—but mostly magical because we went there when I was young enough for many things to be magical and larger than life.  I was thinking about it one day, and had a guitar and a microphone handy, so I improvised on acoustic guitar, with The Day Place and my loved ones in mind.  Here is the link:

Enjoy.  thanks for listening.  I am looking forward to tour dates coming up.  There are posted at

“Live at Coast” is now available at

I am excited about the Spring release of Willie Sugarcapps’ “Paradise Right Here”!  We have dates booked at The Frog Pond and JazzFest in New Orleans, among other shows!  Very exciting!

Working on a duets album with Brigitte Demeyer—as you know, we wrote almost all of her last record, the wonderful “Savannah Road”, and we’ve written another batch of great songs—songs that reflect our love of the blues, gospel, soul and country music.

I have more than enough songs for a new solo album.  Just making plans for that now.  Starting to bubble up from the creek.  See you at a show somewhere soon.   Peace!

—– Will