Live at Coast and Such

Posted by on Nov 6, 2015

That’s the link to info about Live at Coast, my 1st solo live DVD and CD. The release date is November 20. Presale runs through November 15th. After that, you can still order it, and you can get it at all my shows and Willie Sugarcapps shows. I’m really happy with this release—true raw music as it was created in the first place—one voice, one instrument—recorded on 2″ 16 track analog tape through classic microphones and mixing console by a real audio master and a great friend, Michael Romanowski, who also mixed and mastered the audio. Five cameras shot the footage.

The store is here:

Live at Coast Cover

Playing Otherlands in Memphis tonight, November 6. Headed to North Carolina next weekend, with shows in the mountains of NC—Asheville, Balsam Mtn, Black Mtn. Then the Live at Coast release week shows in Nashville, Cincy and Columbus Ohio. Can’t wait to share this with you and hear what you think.

Peace and love. See you at a show.