greetings from the whirlwind!

Posted by on Jun 24, 2016

Man, my mellow June has turned into a maelstrom of musicality!

By the way, please take a look at my upcoming shows:

Yes, there are some shows coming up!

Have you got your copy of “Live at Coast”?  It’s here:

Or you can come to a show…

I’m in ATLANTA tomorrow night, June 25—take a look at show info on my events page and SEE YA THERE.  Willie Sugarcapps is back on July 2 in Spanish Fort, Alabama!  Then I’m headed up to the Mid-Atlantic region for shows in DC (w/ Radney Foster!), PA, NY, VA, MD!!!  Look at my show calendar and come to a show!

Then it’s a rare-as-hen’s-teeth DADDY Duo (that’s me and Tommy Womack, y’all) tour, with shows in IN, OH and KY!  Come to a show or three!

Then it’s August, Lord have mercy, and I’m starting off the Dog Days with shows in Oxford, MS and Birmingham, AL!

Have you got your copy of Willie Sugarcapps’ “Paradise Right Here”?  Big thanks to Americana Radio and music lovers for helping make it such a success at radio and in the press—I know the fans love it.  I do too.

Come to a show and get yours…or here:

(Willie Sugarcapps has COOL merchandise—take a look…)

OK folks…gotta run…see you in Atlanta and Lower Alabama…Happy 4th of July in advance…RIP the great Dr. Ralph Stanley!…congrats to Tommy Womack on the release of his amazing “Namaste” album!  Peace and love to you all


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