Bluebird Tonight! Cayamo! Women’s Tees! Trucker Hats!

Posted by on Aug 11, 2015

Bluebird Tonight!  Cayamo!  Women’s Tees!  Trucker Hats!

Isn’t it time will kimbrough played the Cayamo Cruise? Vote for me here:— Voting will begin tomorrow Wednesday,
August 12 at 3:00PM EST.

Solo at Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival!

Solo at Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival!

New merch coming this week: Will Kimbrough Super Service Tees in Women’s Sizes! Super Service Trucker Caps! Beer Coozies! More men’s sizes! All tees and hats are $25 including shipping and handling, Coozies are $5 including shipping and handling. Paypal me at, or email me if you don’t do paypal. We’ll sort it out. The best option is to COME TO A SHOW!

new hat design!

new hat design!

Show tonight: Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN, 9PM w/ Tommy Womack, Brigitte Demeyer and Rich McCully—all friends of mine and co-writers. Will be great! Ticket link:

Big huge thanks to Tom Garnsey and everyone at Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival. Willie Sugarcapps had an amazing show. I had a fantastic solo set. Got to see Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn, Hot Rize (thanks to Nick for loaning us your bass!), Tony Trischka, Infamous Stringdusters, Keller Williams and the Stringdusters doing a Dead Bluegrass set, Greensky Bluegrass. I got to jam all night with Two Bit Franks. Loved it!

Vote for me to get to play Cayamo! Thanks to all!

New Will Kimbrough Super Service Tee!

New Will Kimbrough Super Service Tee!


Sittin' On Top of the World in Wyoming

Sittin’ On Top of the World in Wyoming

Field Hippies Bravin' the Rain at Targhee!

Field Hippies Bravin’ the Rain at Targhee!

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New Tees and More!

Posted by on Jul 31, 2015

Yes, the new Will Kimbrough Super Service Tees are flying out the door! Thanks everybody! I’m still waiting for my ladies’ sizes, trucker caps and coozies—coming soon! Just paypal $25 to w your size and shipping address, and I’ll get it out to you (right now we have mens S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL, in a comfy prewashed 100% shirt that isn’t too big or too small)!

New Will Kimbrough Super Service Tee!

New Will Kimbrough Super Service Tee!

Other big news is here:

Yep! Big stuff! Good news for music lovers everywhere!

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New Will Kimbrough Tees are here!

Posted by on Jul 28, 2015


New Will Kimbrough Super Service Tee!

New Will Kimbrough Super Service Tee!

Isn’t she lovely? The new tees are 100% soft cotton. I have men’s shirts only for now, sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL. Haven’t had a day off to get them up on the website, so I’m offering them two ways:

1) Come to a show and get you some!

2) PayPal me $25 (includes shipping and handling) at—also email me your shipping address and size preferences to the same email address!

Either way, you get a mighty fine article of clothing.

I’m shipping out a batch today—those Facebookers are quick on the draw—and I’ll ship out the next batch on Monday, Aug 3—the family and I are headed to North Carolina to celebrate our eldest daughter’s birthday and move her into a new place. So have a great weekend, and order yourself some new shirts!

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Come on Baby Drive South

Posted by on Jul 20, 2015

Livingston Summerfest, on the banks of the Yellowstone River was pretty wonderful. Great bill—Two Bit Franks, Jim Lauderdale, Holly Williams—and then we took the stage. I love it when I can bring my band, and this time it was a doozy: Paul Griffith and Tim Marks back on the job as my favorite rhythm section, Phil Madeira, who could just as easily fronted the band, on piano, organ and guitar. Great night for band interplay; great night for rock n roll dancing. It seemed like the whole town of Livingston, Montana was up and dancing—and at one point, making a proper Northern Rockies Conga Line—from grandmas to high school cheerleaders and every age group in between. I like that kind of stuff. It’s sweet and fun and certainly makes the band play better. So we did.

Thanks to Joanne Gardner, all the fans who made it out, the band for being brilliant and generous. Jim Lauderdale and Holly Williams were in great form. All in all, a wonderful weekend in spectacular Montana (and yes, the weather was sunny and perfect; the Gallatin River was teeming with rafters and fly fishermen—we looked on wistfully before heading to our awesome gig).

scenes from a Montana weekend.

scenes from a Montana weekend.







This weekend—shows in Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama!

Shows are always posted here:

Friday July 24 Tupelo, Mississippi – Blue Canoe:
(662) 269-2642
2006 North Gloster St, Tupelo, MS 38804

Saturday July 25 Natchez, Mississippi – Rolling River Bistro:
(601) 442-6601
406 Main St, Natchez, MS 39120

Sunday July 26 Mobile, Alabama – Callaghan’s Irish Social Club:
(251) 433-9374
916 Charleston St, Mobile, AL 36604

Just like we brought some deep south sweat to the northern rockies this past weekend, I’ll be bringing some high country spirit to the southland this weekend!

My “Live at Coast” CD/DVD project is really coming together!

Plans coming together for a new Will Kimbrough musical release in the not too distant future!

Willie Sugarcapps’ 2nd album will be out as soon as we can get it out—come to a show—the next show is Targhee Bluegrass Festival in Wyoming—but we’re back south and east soon thereafter—like I said—COME TO A SHOW!

My Whitfill Custom Guitars Telecaster is an AMAZING instrument! Such a joy to play!

Folks—things are going great—Things are getting better Every Day—I am thankful—music saves my life every day. Come to a show!

peace and love—


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If you’re blessed: help out

Posted by on Jul 13, 2015

We hear it all the time—“I’m blessed”—“Have a blessed day”—I certainly feel like I’m blessed. Like I have had a charmed life. Ups and downs? Sure. But doing what I love and making a living that way? I’m doing it.

I have lately been preaching the GoFundMe Gospel—Tommy Womack was involved in a very bad car accident and a very nice bit of cash was raised to help Tommy, Beth and Nathan get through the rest of the year in relative comfort—and isn’t that what we’d all hope for when we are hurt, healing, unable to work and earn? Yep. So kudos to everyone for coming through for the Womacks.

When we did the tribute show for Sam Baylor a couple of months ago, I remember Bud Smith telling me he was concerned that he was worried that he might have esophageal cancer—because he’d had symptoms that led him to that conclusion. Sadly, he was right. Bud Smith—Friend, master musician, good dude, dad—has esophageal cancer. So I’m going to post this GoFundMe right here:

(Because WordPress kinda sucks lately, you can’t just put a link up that folks can just click—so kindly copy and paste that link into your browser, oh wonderful and generous friends)

I hope you will all click through that link and give whatever you can afford. I know we did here at Chez Kimbrough.

It’s been an amazing Summer. I thought I wasn’t going to be as busy as usual, but…well you know me! I’ve been on the run, and the shows have been inspired. Thanks to all who come out to the shows and create all that inspiration.

I’m headed up to Yellowstone Country this weekend for an all too rare Will Kimbrough Band Show in Livingston, Montana! Speaking of blessed, I’m bringing Paul Griffith, Tim Marks and Phil Madeira with me—can’t wait to play with these guys!

Then I’m back down South in Tupelo, Natchez and Mobile. Then Willie Sugarcapps is on the road again, this time up in Wyoming for the Grand Targhee Bluegrass fest! i’ll post more dates later…there are certainly more dates, including Bristol Rhythm and Roots, a return to Eddie’s Attic, and the Frog Pond Season opener!

Can’t hardly wait!

Don’t forget to support Bud Smith! There but for the Grace of God go any of us! peace and love!


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Tommy Can You Hear Me?

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015

Tommy Womack is back home and beginning his recovery from a serious auto accident. He has a fractured pelvis, so he won’t be able to work for quite some time. There is a GoFundMe page:

Folks have been uber generous—but it would be best if Tommy and his family have a little more financial cushion—so go to that link and contribute whatever you can and SHARE THE LINK. Thanks in advance.

I’ll be in Atlanta this Saturday night, June 20—another EARLY show, doors at 6pm EST. Event page:

The following weekend I have two cool shows: Cotton Picking Songwriter Series Concert in Monroeville, AL (—how cool is it that an Alabama songwriter gets to play the home town of Truman Capote and Harper Lee?!

And I’ll be in Fairhope, AL at Fairhope Brewing Co to benefit Alabama Capital Public Radio (

Then the next stops for me will be in the great Midwest. Look out Ma, here comes the Elephant Boy. All these are on my tour dates page:

OK…hope all is well. Thanks again for your generosity towards Tommy Womack and his family. There but for the grace of God go US!

Peace and Love


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Tommy Womack

Posted by on Jun 13, 2015

Tommy was is an auto accident yesterday. It was bad. He walked away from hospital on crutches with his pelvis cracked in several places. Praise be that he isn’t hurt worse, that he is alive and fairly well. Recovery will take time. He can’t work right now. Bills will be high. Donate to the GoFundMe here:

That’s all. Peace and love.


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June 12-13

Posted by on Jun 12, 2015

Tonight, June 12, I am playing at Ashland coffee and tea in Ashland Virginia!

Tomorrow night, June 13, I will be in Palmyra Virginia at the shed!

Visit my tour dates page, for all information about those shows and all my other shows!

Mixing and editing for my Live at Coast DVD/CD is finished! The next step is finishing artwork and manufacturing. I plan to offer this beautifully filmed and recorded live project for presale in October and ship in November.

The new Willie Sugarcapps album is finished and we hope to release it later this Summer.

I am writing a new record with Brigitte Demeyer with hopes for a 2016 release.

Also writing with Radney Foster!

Next week, June 20, I’m back at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta!

See you out there…!


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Good Stuff Coming Right Up

Posted by on May 17, 2015

I am having a delightfully slow May 2015. Y’all know I like to get out there and tour. You know I love to produce records, write songs, play on recording sessions. But this little working vacation has been a long time coming and it is most appreciated.

There are some shows coming up you should know about. This Tuesday, May 19, I will joining Darrell Scott to celebrate the songs of our friend Ben Bullington, and the release of Darrell’s latest album, a collection of Ben’s songs. Other guests at the City Winery show include Rodney Crowell, Gretchen Peters, Tommy Womack and more. It’s going to be fantastic.

Then Wednesday May 27, this is happening: Benefit for Bobby Memphis feat. Human Radio, Will Kimbrough, Audley Freed and Friends, Bottle Rockets & Mac Gayden. OK, so another Nashville All Star lineup. On a personal note, I’m very excited because not only is DADDY going to play, but I’m also going to be a BOTTLE ROCKET for a night. Yep. If you ever miss me playing more rock n roll, this is your chance to see and hear the old fella with guns blazing.

May 28 is Willie Sugarcapps at the Capri Theater in Montgomery Al—

May 29 is Jam for Sam—Sam Baylor, that is—we wanted to have a musical wake for our dear friend and bandmate—so we’re doing it Bushmen style. It might be a little sloppy, it might be wobble, but it won’t fall down. We’re going to do a set of Bushmen tunes. Everyone is going to do something of Sam’s. We’ll even do a little set of nothing but Sam’s songs. The money goes to finishing Sam’s final record, which he had started at Bud Smith’s studio. This will be fun. This will be a nice tribute to someone we love and miss. This will allow us to make a great record and bookend the creative life of Mr Sam Baylor—Long Live the Redneck Morrissey!

May 31 is Willie Sugarcapps’ debut at Legacy Bar and Grill in Mobile. This will be an intimate and fun show, right up there by Spring Hill—we’ve never played beyond downtown Mobile, as far as WSC Mobile shows go—so come enjoy!!

There are more shows to announce. But I wanted you to know about these for now. Cheers and enjoy.

—– Will

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Live album and DVD update

Posted by on May 15, 2015

I am sorry to say there is no new news about my live recording and DVD from last summer in San Francisco.

Now I am waiting for the master so I can begin the manufacturing process. Then I can set a release date and take preorders.

I am very excited about this, because it sounds so good. And it even looks good.

If you keep up with me, you know I’ve had an incredibly creative and insanely busy year.

See you at a show soon!

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April 3 in Indianapolis—and more…

Posted by on Mar 10, 2015

Happy middle of March—those of you who have had hard, frozen winters will appreciate this taste of Spring we’re experiencing right now—I know I appreciate it.

I want to let y’all know about some upcoming shows that are near and dear to me. I’ll go ahead and jump to this one:

April 3 – Free Range House Concert (in the Indianapolis area). This is a special show with Tommy Womack and Lisa Oliver Gray mainly to get together and share some love but also maybe to help out a couple of dear friends who have had a very rough time lately. The link is here:

If you know you wanna go (and you should know this by now), here’s ticket link:

Ok, I hope I see all the Indy area folks there. If I don’t see you, you’re in trouble!

Other shows coming up include:

TONIGHT! March 10 – Roxy Theater at the Nashville School for the Arts, with Radney Foster, Bill Lloyd and Tommy Womack. Tickets are $15 at the door. Doors at 6pm, show at 7pm.

This Sunday March 15—The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm

March 19 – Tupelo, MS – Blue Canoe
March 20 – Fairhope, AL – Organic School Festival w/ Willie C Sugarcapps
March 21 – New Orleans – Carrollton Station w/ Willie Freakin’ Sugarcapps
March 22 – The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm w/ Willie By Gosh Sugarcapps
March 27 – St Augustine, FL – Colonial Quarter w/ Willie Sugarcapps
March 28 – Tampa, FL – Safety Harbor Songfest w/ Willie C Sugarcapps
April 3 – You know about April 3.
April 10 – Brooksville, FL -Stringbreak Music Festival w/ Willie T Sugarcapps
April 11 – Willie C Sugarcapps returns to the Magnolia Springs Seafood Festival
April 12 – Will Kimbrough and Sugarcane Jane at the Dog Pond to benefit Dog River Clearwater Revival
April 16 – New York City – Rockwood Music Hall
April 17 – Mt Laurel, NJ – One Particular Phlocking Concert
April 19 – Willie Sugarcapps’ final Frog Pond of the season
April 22 – San Antonio, TX – Sam’s Burger Joint
April 24 – Houston, TX – McGonigal’s Mucky Duck
April 25 – Austin, TX – Wyldewood House Concert

That concludes this regularly scheduled blog type thingy. I hope all is well. If you’ve seen shows lately you know they’ve been good. Wild and wooly, I’d say. Winter makes you a little crazy—and they’ve been good and more than a little crazy.

Willie Sugarcapps is wrapping up album number two and turning over the tracks to the Grammy winning mixing magic of one Trina Shoemaker. Very exciting for us. New record is full of songs we’ve been honing live and were mostly recorded in a two day music binge at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

I’m now simply waiting to get the master of my Live at Coast live recording/DVD taping last June in San Francisco—once I have my hands on the master—I can manufacture CDs and DVDs and set a release date.

I’ve been playing on lots of other people’s records and that’s been fun. Playing one of Charles Whitfill’s custom Tele style guitars has been a huge pleasure. I’m going to try out one of the new Waterloo acoustic guitars by Collings Guitars this week. Very excited about these 1930s style instruments.

OK—you got all that? All right, you can go now.

Take ‘er easy

— Will

Somewhere in Ohio...

Somewhere in Ohio…

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On Into 2015…Full Speed Ahead

Posted by on Feb 13, 2015

What a year it’s already been. I’ve played on 5 records—at Fame in Muscle Shoals and several studios in Nashville. I’ve played shows in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, California, Oregon and Washington. Getting ready for Birmingham show and then the first Frog Pond show of 2015 this weekend. Then it’s up to the cold north with WNKU’s anniversary show in Newport, KY and a show in Missouri (St Louis peeps–come see me!). Then Willie Sugarcapps has tour dates in Kentucky, Ohio, New Orleans, Florida, and a couple of Frog Pond extravaganzas in March. I return, solo, to Atlanta and Memphis in March. It’s a lot of stuff to do—a lot of travel. I be there’ll be more recording to do too. I’m excited about it all.

Today’s my big day off, first in quite a while. Just did a big binge of shows and sessions that included California, Oregon, Washington, Muscle Shoals and three different Nashville Studios. Trying to take it easy, but I need to play manager today. Not my favorite role. I like to write, perform, record…make the actual music happen. Someday when I grow up I’ll have one of those managers that just sends me an itinerary, delivered by a roadie who then drives me everywhere. Until then, I’m the man. So be it. It’s worth it to get to have such a rich and diverse career. Sometimes I question it.

I found this funny: in my neighborhood, I am often greeted with “Are you in town?”

I am not sure quite how to answer this, as I am standing right there in front of the person. Obviously I’m in town. I do understand that this rather rhetorical question is likely more intended as a statement: “You are never in town”

I try to rememeber my lower Alabama manners and reply, “I am fine, how are you doing?” (in my mind I say, “Bless your heart”)

Yesterday after dropping the school carpool off at the wonderful Meigs Magnet Middle School in East Nashville, I had time before my recording session at the wonderful Neilson Hubbard’s magical Mr Lemons Studio to have a cup of coffee at Ugly Mugs, right around the corner from the old Will and the Bushmen house (Bush House) on Chapel Avenue in East Nashville. Every old friend I saw at Ugly Mugs said “What are you doing on this side of town?”

I tried to remember my lower Alabama manners and replied, “I am fine, how are you?” (in my mind I think, “Well aren’t y’all smug East Nashvillians. Bless your hearts”)—seriously, what happened to “Hi how are you. It’s good to see you”?

Bless their hearts—we’re in East Nashville every day taking our youngest to 8th grade. And like as not I’m over there working at various studios. And, oh yes, lest we forget—Will and the Bushmen were living as a band in a rental house in East Nashville from 1988 to 1991—with a rotation cast of room mates that included Brad Jones, Bryan Owings and most of Delbert McClinton’s touring band of that time. The Bis-Quits were formed and rehearsed in that basement. Brad Jones cut his recording teeth (and in the process made cult fave pop masterpiece “Gilt Flake”) in that Basement. When we were over on “that side of town” it was more meat and three, pawn and thrift shop than artisinal everything—I’m not knocking it. Just want to point out that every neighborhood in Nashville, North to South, East to West—has some great music being made—with the hipster gentrification of the East Side, folks just getting started, sans trust fund, are gentrifying other neighborhoods—it’s kinda scary for us old Nashvillians—but not really—I love my adopted city and it’s diverse, hard-working creative class. There is no other place quite as musically talented yet still relatively humble and…doable…as Nashvegas.

I love it almost as much as I love the Gulf Coast!

heh heh…

Can’t wait for the shows this weekend and beyond. Can’t wait for y’all to hear new songs…by Willie Sugarcapps and on my own…writing new ones w/ Brigitte Demeyer, with Dean Owens…studio work has been amazingly creative and good—Gretchen Peters’ new one is brilliant and now available—Amy Speace’s will be out soon—Dean Owens’—Michael McDermot’s—Rod Picott’s—Amy Black’s—Willie Sugarcapps—Lawd!

Peace and love—and remember, wherever I am …I’m in town


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2015 Kicks Off With a Bang

Posted by on Jan 29, 2015

Playing Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, CA tonight! Come see Brigitte DeMeyer and myself, as well as very special guests Anna Maria Rosales and Rich McCully!

Willie Sugarcapps is wrapping up album number two—more info on that as soon as possible—VERY excited about WSC in 2015!

I toasted in the New Year with family at Joshua Tree National Park. Talk about peaceful and lovely. Times 10. The Fall and into the holidays was an intense time for work and personal stuff too, so the trip to the desert, climbing around like little kids on rocks bigger than my house with wide open skies and endless vistas was just what the doctor ordered. I also knew I would be hitting the ground running as soon as we returned from the trip. And I hit the ground at a full sprint, beginning with some most excellent and creative studio work.

Spent the first work week of the year recording in East Nashville with British singer songwriter Danni Nichols, producer Chris Donohue and drummer Bryan Owings—y’all know I’ve played w/ Bryan off and on for 30 years and I was in Emmylou’s Red Dirt Boys w/ Chris—and we all worked on Danni’s last record—so it was a nice reunion and we made great music.

Then it was a few blocks away in East Nashville at Eric Masse’s Casino studio, to record with The Westies (Michael McDermott & Heather Horton), producer Lex Price and drummer/keyboard player Ian Fitchuk—Michael and Heather are extraordinary artists and this should be an extraordinary record.

“Michael McDermott is one of the best songwriters in the world and possibly the greatest undiscovered rock n roll talent of the last 20 years.” – Author Stephen King

So there.

Then I drove down south to play the 30A Songwriters Festival—you’ve heard me sing this festival’s praises, and that’s because it’s a great event for musicians and fans alike, in a gorgeous setting that makes everyone relaxed and ready to interact and give a good listen to great songs. I played solo, with Willie Sugarcapps and DADDY, sat in with Brigitte Demeyer, Kim Richey, Amy Black, Gretchen Pleuss, and some others.

And then I drove through the predawn hours on the following Monday in order to make a 10 am session at Fame in Muscle Shoals with Amy Black, producer Lex Price, Bryan Owings and the legendary Spooner Oldham. We recorded 3 of Amy’s songs and a slew of Muscle Shoals classics (Stones, Lou Rawls, Etta James, Laura Lee, etc)—some written or co-written by Spooner. Fame is a sacred space for soulful music and I’m thankful every time I get in there.

L-R: James Floyd Washboard Guitar (Jerome), 1930's Regal Parlor Guitar, Charles Whitfill Custom Telecaster

L-R: James Floyd Washboard Guitar (Jerome), 1930’s Regal Parlor Guitar, Charles Whitfill Custom Telecaster

Beat it out of Muscle Shoals for a few days at home, then spent a wonderful Friday night playing Huntsville, AL, at Tangled String Studios—what a killer venue, a lovely sold out crowd and a few nice fleeting moments with old friends. Great show!

Headed back to Nashville for Saturday night—my first show at the new City Winery—it was a revue type show—Brad Cole’s Acoustic Circus—I was looking forward to hearing and playing with Angel Snow but she was sick—but Brad, Peter Cooper, Eric Brace, Shannon LaBrie and myself—with special guest the awesome Thomm Jutz on some amazing guitar (and he sang one of my favorite songs, “The Angel’s Share”, which he wrote w/ Kim Richey and we recorded for her most recent album, “Thorn in My Heart”—what a gorgeous record!).

We were up early on Sunday January 25th to make the drive south to play Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile. Despite an early shot of Patron and very good and very strong pint of Fairhope Brewing Company Little Poison Brown Ale, I put on a good show and played several brand new songs (played new ones in Huntsville and Nashville too!).

Then it was breakfast with Mama, a visit with Daddy, moving a few pieces of furniture around the new house in midtown Mobile, and then back to Nashville.

Flew out Tuesday to Oakland and set up shop at Brigitte DeMeyer’s house in Burlingame, near San Francisco. Played last night in Felton, up the hill from Santa Cruz, at Don Quixote’s—was happy to see a full house on a Wednesday night and we had a blast playing and singing harmony together. Brigitte is sounding great. I’m playing my ’30s Regal Parlor guitar I recently bought from Amy Black’s husband, dude extraordinaire Ryan Black. Still needs a little fretwork but it’s a great little 80 year old guitar.

Yes, we’re playing Freight and Salvage in Berkeley tonight—my first time in this wonderful venue—I’m excited and hope folks come out in droves!

Tomorrow is Harlow’s in Sacramento followed by Hopmonk in Sebastopol. Then we’ll go home for a couple of days—the Rogue Theater show was cancelled—so we’ll fly back out Wednesday for the Portland and Seattle shows.

Fame, Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Fame, Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Cheers y’all!

Chad Edwards' shot of Willie Sugarcapps jamming at 30A

Chad Edwards’ shot of Willie Sugarcapps jamming at 30A


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Willie Sugarcapps & Will and the Bushmen 12/12

Posted by on Dec 4, 2014

This just in: Willie Sugarcapps and Will & the Bushmen will share the bill again on December 12 in Mobile, Alabama at the Soul Kitchen. This is 92ZEW’s Christmas Party. We recently celebrated this wonderful independent radio station’s 30th Anniversary with a concert at The Saenger Theater in Mobile. We’ve decided to all team up again for a Christmas celebration.

So if you enjoyed the Saenger show, if you were kicking yourself for missing it, or if you just love great live music—come to the Soul Kitchen December 12. Doors are at 7:30, the show starts at 8:30. Tickets are cheap!


So now you know!

See you there.

See you at the Tennessee Local Food Summit tomorrow night, December 5, at Dyer Observatory in Nashville, TN!

See you in Memphis at Otherlands Saturday night December 6!

See you at the Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm Sunday December 7 w/ Grayson, Corky and Eric Taylor!

And see you at Soul Kitchen in Mobile December 12!



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