Happy May

Posted by on May 3, 2016

April was a crazy wonderful month—-played my first Manci’s show, played Chickie Wah Wah in New Orleans with Papa Mali and Sam Doores (of the Deslondes), played an awesome show on Lake Ponchartrain, played a great Chicago weekend with Griffin House and a house show in the ‘burbs, finished and mixed my duets album with Brigitte DeMeyer and the fabulous David Z out in Los Angeles…

IMG_0084 IMG_0235 IMG_0301

Closed out Frog Pond season with a killer Willie Sugarcapps album release party for “Paradise Right Here”!

Opened for one of my heroes, Taj Mahal, in Birmingham and Jackson!

Played my first Jazzfest in Nola with Willie Sugarcapps!

Worked in the studio with my friends from The Red Dirt Boys (we were Emmylou’s band…still can’t believe I was in Emmylou’s band!).

Finished out the month with a great weekend in NYC and Pennsylvania!

About to kick off May touring and recording and writing and all…


Live at Coast is available!!



Paradise Right Here is available!!



All kinds of good stuff going one.  See you at a show soon!!!

IMG_0044 IMG_0150
IMG_0411 IMG_0326

—- Will


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San Francisco Show Tonight!

Posted by on Mar 23, 2016

My only West Coast show this Spring:


I’m playing San Francisco tonight at Hotel Utah. Show starts at 8pm.

The Hotel Utah Saloon • 500 4th Street @ Bryant, San Francisco • (415) 546-6300




It’s tonight, March 23, 2016, 8pm.  

Come get your copy of Live at Coast—recorded right here in San Francisco at Coast Recorders by the magnificent Michael Romanowski.  I’m inspired after a few days in Big Sur.  It will be great show.  I won’t keep you out too late—unless you demand encores.  Peace and love, y’all.



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New Songs on YouTube!

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016

I have posted three new songs on YouTube recently.

“It’s A Sin” was inspired by Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird”.  She passed away the other day, and I was inspired to share the song.  Here is the link:


JJ Cale passed in 2014.  He was one of my favorite musicians.  I wrote “The Fine Print” after listening to an interview with JJ.  Here is that link:


As a boy, my Daddy and Uncle would take my cousin and me out in the woods in Clarke County, Alabama, to The Day Place.  It’s a pretty magical place—lots of little caves, sinkholes, creeks, snakes, moss, lichens, briarpatch—but mostly magical because we went there when I was young enough for many things to be magical and larger than life.  I was thinking about it one day, and had a guitar and a microphone handy, so I improvised on acoustic guitar, with The Day Place and my loved ones in mind.  Here is the link:


Enjoy.  thanks for listening.  I am looking forward to tour dates coming up.  There are posted at willkimbrough.com/events

“Live at Coast” is now available at willkimbrough.com/store

I am excited about the Spring release of Willie Sugarcapps’ “Paradise Right Here”!  We have dates booked at The Frog Pond and JazzFest in New Orleans, among other shows!  Very exciting!

Working on a duets album with Brigitte Demeyer—as you know, we wrote almost all of her last record, the wonderful “Savannah Road”, and we’ve written another batch of great songs—songs that reflect our love of the blues, gospel, soul and country music.

I have more than enough songs for a new solo album.  Just making plans for that now.  Starting to bubble up from the creek.  See you at a show somewhere soon.   Peace!

—– Will

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New Song for Harper Lee

Posted by on Feb 19, 2016

RIP Harper Lee. Thank you.

Innocent babies come into this world
Singing their little hearts out
Daddy says it’s a sin to kill mockingbirds
Now I don’t have any doubt

Empathy can be a good holy thing
To what pain some hard lives are bound
But you’ll have to climb inside somebody’s skin
Go in and walk all around

It’s an old town. It’s a tired old town.
It’s a burning hot summer to bear
Daddy says it’s a sin to kill mockingbirds
and I hear one singing up there

You could be crippled by cruelty I’ve heard
And I’ve known a few who have lost
Their minds and their spirits to sorrow and hurt
They walk like they’re bearing the cross

It’s an old town. It’s a tired old town.
In the glare of the midsummer heat
Daddy says it’s a sin to kill mockingbirds
I think one just fell at my feet

Innocence lost, Experience gained
Into the arms of the pain
Some understand it’s a balancing act
While others look down in their shame

Daddy will do what we need him to do
He is the rock of our souls
He tried to show us the ways of the world
Sometimes get out of control

It’s an old town. It’s a tired old town.
Few know the right from the wrong
Daddy says it’s a sin to kill mockingbirds
But I’ll bust out singing ‘fore long

it’s a Sin by Will Kimbrough, 2015


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Valentine Love Songs

Posted by on Feb 10, 2016

Got a favorite love song that I wrote? Valentine’s Day suggestion—order handwritten lyrics—and I can even record a special version of the song just for you and your sweetheart. Email me and we’ll make it happen! 


We can put together a nice package of WK Merch for Valentine’s Day!

I recently hand-wrote the lyrics to “Hey Big Sister” and “Goodnight Moon” AND recorded special acoustic versions for a fan.  Made me think I should offer this to everyone.  It’s fun to do and a nice personal touch for someone you love.


Wonderful Oxford, MS show at Proud Larry’s.  Good to see old friends.  Killer Frog Pond show with the one and only Kinky Friedman!

See you out there!



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Happy New Year 2016

Posted by on Jan 4, 2016

I have so much to be thankful for, as the new year gets ramped up to full steam.

Thankful to family, friends, music lovers who keep my small business afloat, fellow musicians who never cease to amaze me with their talents, flexibility and willingness to share.

Thankful for good health, for healing, for a bit of calm rest during the holidays.

Thankful for the events of 2015 that brought me closer to family and friends, yet allow me to continue working on so many amazing projects.

Willie Sugarcapps, Brigitte DeMeyer, Tommy Womack and all the guys in DADDY.  All the sessions I’ve played on over the past few years.  Producers like Neilson Hubbard, Lex Price, Eric Masse, who bring me in on sessions I can really sink my teeth into.  Doug Seegers for trusting me with his 2nd record.

Kate Teague, Mary Sack, Frosty Horton and especially Michael Romanowski for helping me get Live at Coast out into the world.  Hey, it’s still available at live shows and at willkimbrough.com/store!

There are recording sessions coming right up with Doug Seegers and Brigitte DeMeyer (we are finally making that record together, after writing dozens of killer songs and playing dozens of killer shows), and live shows coming up, solo and with Willie Sugarcapps.  Anthony and Savana have a beautiful baby Dusty!  Congratulations to their amazing family.  I’m ready to play a Sugarcapps show!

Too much good news coming up to print here.  Check my tour dates.  I’ll be blogging.

Wishing you a great start to 2016

peace and love

— will

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Cyber Monday

Posted by on Nov 30, 2015

I’m not offering any big special offer—this is just a reminder that Live At Coast is available here at willkimbrough.com/store—it is Cyber Monday, after all—and the holidays are upon us—I know you all have people for whom you need to buy a gift—but you don’t know what to buy them—I’m here to suggest a copy of Live At Coast—it’s a CD, it’s a DVD, it’s a whole lotta love in a small package.

See you in Napierville, IL, this Friday, December 4.  It’s a benefit for a great cause.  All the info is here, including ticket link:


After that, I’ll be in Atlanta at Smith’s Olde Bar Sat, Dec 12:


And then…the last show of 2015—Dec 23, Selma, AL at the Wharton Theater, Art Jam 2015:


I hope all is well.  Thankful for you.  Peace and love this holiday season!


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Live at Coast is Here!

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015

The Live at Coast DVD/CD sets arrived today—and they look great! The sound great, too. So I’ll ship out all the pre-orders tomorrow morning. Don’t forget, there are 3 Live at Coast release shows this weekend—

Fri 11/20 – Nashville – The Basement
Sat 11/21 – Newport, KY – Southgate House Revival
Sun 11/22 – Columbus, OH – Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza

All info about shows, including ticket links is at willkimbrough.com/events willkimbrough.com/events (the ‘shows’ link on my website).


After Thanksgiving, there are more shows. Check my schedule to find a show near you. As we get into the holidays, my travel slows way down so we can have much needed family time. Cranking back up in 2016, though, making a record with my writing/playing/singing partner in soul, Brigitte DeMeyer! Also been writing with Radney Foster for his next album (boy, is that a lesson in craft, writing with Radney—what a badass song writer!). Going to produce the new Doug Seegers record, too! It’s going to be quite a MUSICAL Winter.

Now that pre-ordering is over for Live at Coast, it’s time to plain and simple ORDER Live At Coastwillkimbrough.com/store willkimbrough.com/store is the place. Hey, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwaanza—all coming up real fast—this set will make a


gift. Don’t snicker—it really will. So order up, folks. Order up.

Willie Sugarcapps is off so Savana and Anthony can welcome little Dusty into the world! We’ll be baaaaaaaack…in 2016!

So much great stuff going on—I’m lucky and thankful. Hope you are all well. Peace and love has got to win out. I believe it will.

So cheers to that…



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Live at Coast and Such

Posted by on Nov 6, 2015


That’s the link to info about Live at Coast, my 1st solo live DVD and CD. The release date is November 20. Presale runs through November 15th. After that, you can still order it, and you can get it at all my shows and Willie Sugarcapps shows. I’m really happy with this release—true raw music as it was created in the first place—one voice, one instrument—recorded on 2″ 16 track analog tape through classic microphones and mixing console by a real audio master and a great friend, Michael Romanowski, who also mixed and mastered the audio. Five cameras shot the footage.

The store is here:


Live at Coast Cover

Playing Otherlands in Memphis tonight, November 6. Headed to North Carolina next weekend, with shows in the mountains of NC—Asheville, Balsam Mtn, Black Mtn. Then the Live at Coast release week shows in Nashville, Cincy and Columbus Ohio. Can’t wait to share this with you and hear what you think.

Peace and love. See you at a show.


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Pre-order Live at Coast now!

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015

You can pre-order Live at Coast, my first solo live CD and DVD, now!

here’s the link:

(if the link isn’t here, it’s a wordpress glitch, sorry!) So…

Or just go to my “store” page: willkimbrough.com/store

Lovingly recorded to 2″ 16 track analog tape through a Rupert Neve recording console, filmed with 5 cameras, mixed and mastered by the amazing Michael Romanowski, this package contains a 17 song DVD that also has some cool interview footage, and an 18 song CD. If you pre-order, I’ll include a lovely and useful Will Kimbrough Super Service drink koozie/hugger and a download you’ll get to hear as soon as possible. Your CD/DVD will go out as soon as I get them in my sweaty little hands. Everyone else has to wait til the release date—-November 20, 2015.

So order up. It won’t be long til November 20, but then again, if you pre-order you’ll get it soonest.

I’m very happy to offer this to you—it’s a really nice thing I was able to do at San Francisco’s legendary Coast Recorders, with super talented friends and an intimate studio audience. It’s the real deal—no amps, no looper pedals, no guitar pickups, just great microphones on the voice and guitar—it’s the natural sound of what went down.

Thanks for reading. See you out there…



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Frog Pond! Eddie’s Attic! Bristol! Willie Sugarcapps!

Posted by on Sep 17, 2015

Please consider supporting the Frog Pond’s GoFund me campaign:


See you at Willie Sugarcapps and Will Kimbrough solo shows at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta and Bristol Rhythm and Roots Festival this Friday and Saturday, September 18-19!

My Americanafest show last night at the brand spankin’ new Family Wash in East Nashville was a blast—great sets by Jeff Black, Sam Lewis, Kim Richey and Gareth Dunlop, Dean Owens and Phil Madeira—my set w/ Paul Griffith, Tim Marks and Phil put a big old smile on my face. And yes, I sat in with pretty much everybody…can’t help myself.

Congrats to Americana Awards winners—but especially to Emerging Artist Nominee Doug Seegers—your music and your story is and will continue to be an ispiration to me and whoever hears you sing out there in the world. Go Doug Seegers! Our paths don’t cross enough, but my heart is with you.

Have a great weekend! Get out and refill your soul with some live music!


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September Song

Posted by on Sep 16, 2015

It’s been an amazing late Summer/early Fall already—wonderful shows at City Winery Nashville (with uber-talented friends Tommy Womack—back sounding and looking great after his big accident—Marshall Chapman—Matraca Berg!), Moonlight on the Mountain in Birmingham, Wash Hole Jam in Brewton, AL, The Hub on 30A and Bluegrass on the Beach in Destin, FL!

Getting ready for my 2015 Americanafest show tonight—Wed Sept 16 7PM—at the awesome new Family Wash in East Nashville—on a killer bill with Kim Richey, Jeff Black, Sam Lewis, Dean Owens and Phil Madeira—and yes, I am playing with my band—Phil bringing band too—and yes, I’m sitting in with pretty much everyone!

Then I’m off to Atlanta/Decatur for a Willie Sugarcapps show at Eddie’s Attic! Then Willie C Sugarcapps plays Bristol Rhythm and Roots Festival in Bristol TN/VA!

Lots of big stuff coming up—if you are interested in what the new Willie Sugarcapps album sounds like, there might just be a pre-release copy for you—but only if you come to a show!

My Live at Coast DVD/CD is set for November release! I am also preparing to take pre-orders in late October—very excited as this is my first live solo album—lovingly recorded at legendary Coast Recorders in San Francisco to analog tape through a magic Neve mixing board in front of an intimate live audience. AND it’s my first official DVD release, captured by a five camera crew. I’m very excited and it’s a long time coming.

Yes, I’m thinking about a vinyl release of the audio. But first i have to release the DVD and CD package. It’s going to sound and look lovely.

I’ve been writing a new album with Brigitte Demeyer. We’re planning to record as soon as we have a full record’s batch of tunes. We’ll tour together in 2016.

Writing with the great Radney Foster too!

Been writing all this week with Dean Owens, who is over from Scotland. If you missed his “Into The Sea” record—get it today—what a beautiful collection with Dean’s best singing to date–and that’s saying something—the music is special too. Great band and perfect production by Neilson Hubbard. Oh, and I played and sang on the whole thing…I’m biased but can truly recommend this to anyone who loves great music.

OK—gotta get my proverbial shit together for this show tonight!



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Last Day to Vote! Tees! Hats! Koozies!

Posted by on Aug 18, 2015

I am honored to be one of the top ten finalists in this competition to be able to play on the Cayamo Music Cruise. You can vote through noon tomorrow, Wednesday, August 19. So—please consider voting for me!



There are now mens and ladies Will Kimbrough Super Service tees available!

Women’s sizes S, M, L and XL – $25 incl shipping and handling

Men’s sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL – $25 incl shipping and handling

We have trucker caps! – $25 incl shipping and handling

We have beverage koozies! – $5 incl shipping and handling

All you have to do is paypal will@willkimbrough.com. Include your size preference and shipping address. We’ll get it shipped out.

You can also get them at a show, so come to a show and save the S & H!

Aren’t They Nice—–


photo (3)



To purchase, simply paypal to will@willkimbrough.com, including size preference and shipping address. If you are an international customer, just email me and we’ll sort it out. I WILL get everything

Shows starting back up soon! I’m very excited about late Summer and Fall! A lot of great things happening. New music—-Willie Sugarcapps’ “Paradise Right Here” is popping up everywhere, and it will be officially released in early 2016! Come to a Willie Sugarcapps show—they are always a little different, they are always good, and you might get yourself some new music while you’re there—-my LIVE AT COAST CD/DVD is being released in November 2015—-my very first live solo release! Lovingly recorded with analog tape and 5 cameras, I am super excited about this! Writing with some amazing friends like Brigitte Demeyer, Rich McCully and Radney Foster. Playing guitar and other instruments on some amazing artists’ recordings. It’s gonna be a great late Summer and early Fall!

PS—Frog Pond season is coming right up.

So don’t forget to VOTE!


I thank you. See you soon


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I need your vote

Posted by on Aug 12, 2015

I’ve always wanted to play the Cayamo Cruise—so many friends play it—so many friends go on the cruise to hear the music—so i need your vote—click this link:

(or copy and paste the link!)

and vote for yours truly. I truly appreciate it.

Great Bluebird show last night, by the way! And wonderful song writing lately, especially with Brigitte DeMeyer and Radney Foster!


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