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This is an amazing time.  In and amongst all the shows—which have been amazing in themselves (for instance, the last 3 Frog Pond shows I did included not only Willie Sugarcapps and the Mulligan Brothers, but Brigitte Demeyer, Freda McCrary, Webb Wilder, Luther Wamble and Bill Kirchen…not to mention Grayson and Corky…!)—but in and amongst the many shows…

Willie Sugarcapps has released a 4 song EP, recorded around a single microphone at the legendary Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

I just produced Doug Seegers’ album.  Doug’s story is just too incredible to explain it in just a few sentences.  Let’s just say it’s a story of triumph over adversity in a big beautiful way.  Here is his hit song, “Going Down to the River”:

Doug will be on tour in support of the album for the summer and fall over in Europe.  Look for a US release after that.  Great record.  Amazing Story.  And this recording marked a reunion of sorts with the Red Dirt Boys who toured with Emmylou Harris, 2011-2012—plus, it features the legendary Al Perkins (Gram Parsons, Manassas, The Rolling Stones, Emmylou Harris and the Nash Ramblers), Barbara Lamb, Emmylou herself and Buddy Miller (the busiest, most talented and nicest fellow in Nashville).

The Bis-Quits reunited for a 4 song set on Music City Roots.  Haven’t rocked like that in a long time.  Everyone really stepped up and it was probably one of our best shows ever—even if it was only 20 minutes long.  A favorite memory of that night, besides playing and experiencing the joy of long friendships, was John Hiatt, one of my musical heroes, coming up and hugging me and telling me how great we sounded and how inspiring it was (his daughter Lilly is one of my favorite new artists).

Willie Sugarcapps has just finished recording Scott Nolan’s new album on the dog trot porch at Anthony and Savana’s house in the woods in Lower Alabama.  This one is great too.  Scott just brought it:  songs, singing, playing…and we got to sing and play along.  It really sounds great:  Scott wanted some of that Willie C Sugarcapps mojo on his new album—and it is there in spades.


I also spent a couple of days recording w/ Gretchen Peters, Barry Walsh, Dave Roe, Nick Buda and Jerry Douglas at Doug Lancio’s East Nashville studio…

See what I mean?  It’s just amazing.  Sometimes people ask me why I run so hard and do so many projects…well, what would you do?  If someone asked me if I wanted to spend a month recording amazing music with amazing live shows sprinkled in between I would think my dreams had come true.  As it turns out, my dreams are coming true.

Thanks for that!


—see y’all in South Carolina…


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Sideshow Love is finally Officially here!

Posted by on Feb 14, 2014

Thanks to all the Kickstarter backers who made Sideshow Love possible.  You’ve had your copies of the album for months.  And folks who’ve attended live shows since then have had access to buying the new album.


Finally, everyone can get it here!  Right here at  Just go to the Store, and get it!

See you at the Basement tonight for an 8 PM Release show.

Then I’m off to Willie Sugarcapps tour dates and appearances and tapings on Mountain Stage, Woodsongs Radio Hour, Buddy and Jim’s Sirius Radio show, Music City Roots and more!!                woo hoo!!!!!


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Mud and Moss, Moss and Mud

Posted by on Jan 14, 2014

Mud and Moss, Moss and Mud
Pacific Northwest Tour 2014

Winter touring.

Each Spring I tell myself I’ll start planning now to avoid Winter touring.

And every Winter I board that first flight of the year in January.  Or February.  And it is delayed.  Then cancelled.  And I remember what I told myself in the Spring.

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