New Daddy Album!

Posted by on Sep 19, 2017

My rock n roll blues band Daddy—authors of such songs as “Nobody From Nowhere”, “Wash and Fold”, “I Miss Ronald Reagan”, “Slide It In”, “He Ain’t Right”, “I Don’t Like It”, “You Made Your Bed” and more—recorded a new album months ago at Blackbird Studios in Nashville—yep, the same place where Jack White and The Raconteurs record—in fact, we recorded Jimmy Buffett’s version of “Nobody From Nowhere” and “Rhumba Man” at Blackbird. It’s a NICE studio. The new Daddy record sounds GREAT. And it’s all new songs you’ve never heard—Kimbrough and Womack songs…yep, good stuff.

Tommy has a recurrence of bladder cancer—It SUCKS!—I’m mad at cancer for so many reasons…so many friends…family. This music can’t cure disease but it can help cure Dis-Ease. You can dance all over your problems. PLUS—I know this will so good for Tommy’s morale as he goes into more treatment. I’ll never forget how good it was for my Mama when she kicked cancer’s butt to be with her grandbabies and her children and her PEOPLE. Tommy needs a project to be fulfilled—it will be a financial shot in the arm, but best of all, a MORALE BOOSTER! For Tommy and ALL OF US.

Here’s the deal—I need $20 for each CD — that will cover shipping well enough. If you’re international, throw in a few extra bucks. I’m doing this via paypal——make sure you give me your mailing address and write me a note that this is for Daddy Album.

If you don’t do paypal, just send us a check to:

Will Kimbrough Music
2513 Essex Place
Nashville TN 37212

And make sure you give your mailing address and let us know it’s for “Daddy album”.

If you are overseas—please add $10 for the really expensive shipping. Thanks!

I hope we can do vinyl—it’s a magnificent album—but for now we’re starting with digital. OK? OK.

Bless you all.


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This weekend Aug 19-20

Posted by on Aug 15, 2017

Very excited to be song writing with soldiers this week in Tucson Arizona.

Saturday August 19 I will be at horse pens 40, Steele, AL

Sunday August 20 is one of those very special Mobile Alabama shows at Callaghan’s Irish social club.

Special guest Lilly Winwood will open the show!

Also, for those of you in Atlanta area I want to pass on the information that there are still a few seats left at the sugar magnolia house concert September 8. I will be playing with tommy womack and you all know that is a rare and beautiful thing.

Please email Reserve seats. Don’t wait!

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